Thermal Imaging Camera P7009


The Argus™ 4 Thermal Imaging Camera is the latest generation of the Argus™ Thermal Imaging Camera from e2v technologies. The Argus™ 4 uses the highly successful Amorphous Silicon (ASi) Microbolometer Detector that is in use by many of the world’s fire brigades.

The Argus™ 4 is a simple-to-operate, robust, self-contained camera, with fully automatic operation; no control or adjustment is required in use. The camera has been specifically designed to help firefighters to see through smoke, identify and rescue casualties and locate hot spots or the seat and spread of the fire. It has many further applications where temperatures require monitoring, such as preventative maintenance and condition monitoring of equipment. It also provides vision where light is unavailable.


The Argus™ 4 comes with the most advanced features available in any Thermal Imaging Camera. These include:
  • Dynamic Scene Colorisation (DSC)
    Colorises the thermal image to allow the firefighter to pinpoint the hottest areas within the fire scene.
  • Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM)
    Displays the temperature of objects within a defined area of the thermal scene.
  • SceneSaveTM Digital Image Capture
    The Argus TM 4 can capture and store up to 100 images. These can then be viewed or deleted using the remote control supplied. Using the software provided, the captured images can be downloaded to a suitable laptop/PC and exported in *.bmp format.
  • Tri-ModeSensitivity
    Microbolometer cameras have two modes of sensitivity, high and low, Argus TM 4 now has a third level of sensitivity for very high scene temperatures to enable clear imagery at all temperatures.
  • Customisable Start-up Screen
    Brigade logos or station names can be added to the start-up screen for asset tracking and/or personalisation of the camera.
  • Ambient Temperature Measurement
    A sensor fitted to the front of the camera, which measures the ambient temperature of the local  environment. The temperature is displayed on the viewing screen.
  • X2 Zoom
    Allows the user to zoom in on the scene, from a distance, for improved investigation and identification of hot spots and dangers.
  • Time and Date
    The time and date is displayed at the top of the viewing screen.
  • Remote Control
    The ArgusTM4 is supplied with a remote control that allows the end user to adjust LCD settings, set the dynamic scene colorisation and set the time and date. Stored images can be reviewed and deleted.
Power for the ArgusTM4 is provided by an integral battery pack located on the top of the camera. The camera has a single on/off button with a delayed off operation to prevent accidental power-down during use. The camera will display a start-up screen until a usable thermal image is produced.

The ArgusTM4 is constructed from high quality Radel®R5100, which has been chosen for its strength, resistance to heat, water and impact. Protection from shock is provided by a combination of rugged components, optimum mechanical design and protective bumpers. The camera is sealed to allow short-term total immersion in water (IP67). The camera is supplied with side straps and a removable handle, which provides flexible operation and transfer between users.

No end-user maintenance is required other than recharging of batteries and post-use external cleaning with a soft cloth.


The ArgusTM4 comes with the following standard accessories:
  • Handle
  • Soft carry case
  • Side straps
  • Remote Control
  • Two rechargeable battery packs
  • Battery charger with mains plug (US, UK, Europe)
  • Neck strap
  • USB Connection Lead for PC/laptop
  • User manual
  • End-user software