CMC Rescuer Personal Package

Item #501107

Whether a wilderness responder or on a USAR team, the following is the minimum personal equipment the individual rescuer should have in his gear pack. The package includes personal protection equipment for the head and hands. The rescuer can rappel, be belayed, or belay another rescuer. The harness meets the ANSI Z359.1 requirements for fall protection.

Package contains the following Items:
1     CMC ProSeries Seat Harness, Reg.*
1     Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet, Red
1     CMC Rescue Riggers Gloves, L
1     Princeton Tec Yukon-Rescue Headlamp**
1     CMC Rescue Lassen Duffel Bag, M, Red
1     CMC Rescue Pro Pocket, Blue
1     CMC Rescue 8 w/ Ears, Alum*
3     CMC Aluminum Locking D, Brite*
1     CMC Rescue Multi-Loop Strap, L
1     6ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Green
1     5ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Red