CMC First Responder Rappel Package

Item #501104

This basic package has the equipment needed for two persons to rappel to a subject. Ideal for the ambulance or patrol vehicle that may be first on scene and have to make access to a car over or cliff rescue before rescue units arrive. Can be used to set a belay line or handline as alternative means of access.

Package contains the following Items:
1     150 ft. x 1/2 in. CMC Rescue Lifeline, Red*
1     CMC Heavy Rescue Organizer, Red
1     CMC Rescue #2 Rope Bag, Red
2     CMC Rescue Utility Harnesses*
8     CMC Rescue Large Locking Steel D Carabiners, Gold*
2     CMC Rescue 8 w/ Ears, Aluminum*
2     6ft. x 8 mm CMC Rescue Prusik Cords, Green
1     CMC ProSeries Anchor Strap, L *

*UL Classified to NFPA 1983, see product listing for details.
**Intrinsically Safe Approved, see product listing for details.